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“Allow to me explain myself” is the best header to describe this blog, within the next couple of weeks, I will be writing my story and releasing private information of certain occurrences in my life that very few people know about me with the intentions of helping people to realize to be grateful of every opportunity they come across in life and never take any opportunity for granted.

            With that being said, I plan on being as detailed and thorough within my posts so people can connect with me and understand me better as the individual that I am today. My story is filled with emotional content that as I type this, I am teary-eyed just thinking back at certain defining moments in my life that I will be sharing with you all through this blog.

            On August 29th, 2014, I will have completed the fourteenth chapter in my life since moving to the United States of America. I consider every passing year a chapter of growth and development in my journey, in search for an immigration status.


Yes, you read right, an IMMIGRATION STATUS, as I am currently,


That is all for now.